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Surgical Artistry, Inc / Modesto Plastic Surgery
Tammy Wu, MD and Calvin Lee, MD
2336 Sylvan Ave, Suite C
Modesto, CA 95355
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Deriving the very best from Harvard, Brown, and Stanford Universities

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Our mission is to constantly improve ourselves, our company and our clients.  We aim to provide the best and safest medical results.  We utilize only the highest grade medical products and technology.  We are committed to providing top notch customer service.  We welcome our clients to be part of our medical family, and we communicate with them often.  In addition to being a medical facility, we are an educational resource.  We will actively pursue opportunities to provide education.  We believe in practicing what we preach, thus our healthy and aesthetic goals for our clients start with ourselves.  We endeavor to make our office feel comfortable like home and encourage each other to be happy and healthy.  The five key ingredients of Surgical Artistry, Inc. are constant self improvement, superior medical results, outstanding customer service, providing education, and practicing what we preach.

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