Surgical Artistry Academy
Real World Internship
For Aestheticians, as Taught By

Calvin Lee
, MD  |  Tammy Wu, MD

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Intro to Medical Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery

Duration:  3 weeks (15 work days)

Tuition Fee:  Call us (209) 551-1888 (range $250-$400)

Prerequisites:  Licensed Aestheticians only

Start date:  Flexible

End date:  Flexible.  Can pick and choose different days in increments of half days. 

Number of students:  Usually one.  Possibly two at most.

Dress:  Semi-professional, no scrubs.

Reading material:  To be given everyday of the course.

Skin Care Products covered:  OBAGI (entire line); NIA24 (entire line); Colorescience powdered mineral sunblock (Sunforgettables); Arnica (Gel, Cream, Pellets); ScarGuard MD products including scar lightener.

Technology discussed and observed:  Diamondtome microdermabrasion and VISIA computerized skin analysis

Procedures to observe:  Laser vein surgery; sclerotherapy; and phlebectomy | Acupuncture | Minor surgeries in the office | Aesthetician procedures | Skin care consultations | Possibly observe botox / restylane injections.

Location:  In the office at 2336 Sylvan Ave. Suite C, Modesto, CA.  Your temporary office will be the conference room at Surgical Artistry, Inc.  This will, at times, need to be vacated.

Instructors:  Dr. Calvin Lee, MD; Dr. Tammy Wu, MD; Computer skills:  Introduction to EMR (electronic medical record), Excel spreadsheets.

Back office skills:  Sterilizing and wrapping surgical instruments.  Observation of the insurance processes.

Presentation requirement:  Three presentations spread out approximately one week apart on the following topics:  What’s special about OBAGI?  What’s Special about NIA 24?  The science behind sunscreen and sunblocks (including UVA/UVB, ingredients in sunblocks).  Each of these presentations are to be between 10-20 minutes long.

As we are a medical office.  HIPAA rules and regulations are in effect.  We will have you agree to patient privacy issues before participating in this course.




Cutera IPL


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