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Calvin Lee, MD - Acupuncture, Veins, General Surgery in Modesto
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Most recent Surgical Artistry News events on top.  Current events and news here pertain to Surgical Artistry, Inc, Dr. Tammy Wu and Dr. Calvin Lee.  Musical events are also listed.  It's just the highlights. If you're left out, just write us and we'll include you.  Nothing here is specific medical advice.

February 16, 2012, Gary Michaels interviewed Dr. Lee live on the radio regarding the Surgical Artistry Modesto Marathon.

February 2012 Dr. Lee recorded two public service announcements for the Surgical Artistry Modesto Marathon on Clear Channel radio stations:  Sunny 102.3, B92-nine, Rock 96.7, Mega 100.1, KFIV 1360. March 18, 2012 is the Surgical Artistry Modesto Marathon.  Listen to the recording here.

January 20, 2012 Boston Channel 5 video aired the KCRA clip regarding facial rejuvenation acupuncture featuring Dr. Calvin Lee of Modesto, CA.

October 11, 2011 Dr. Lee was interviewed on TV (KCRA) regarding acupuncture.  It aired 10/27/2011:  Dr. Calvin Lee Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture featured on KCRA 3, TV

June 15, 2011 Dr. Lee gave a talk regarding Latisse to an audience of doctors, nurses, physician assistants and medical spa professionals in Fresno at "Five" restaurant.

June 1, 2011 Dr. Lee gave a talk regarding Latisse to an audience of doctors and Medical Spa professionals in Santa Rosa at Equus restaurant.  Dr. Lee has been selected to be a regional speaker for Allergan - the makers of Latisse.  Visit our Modesto Latisse website.

6/21/11  Dr. Calvin Lee was selected to represent the Cooperative of American Physicians in their PAC (Political Action Committee).  There are political issues regarding malpractice insurance in California and the United States.

6/20/11  Dr. Tammy Wu was nominated to be the Vice Chairperson of the Membership Development Committee of the Cooperative of American Physicians. She also sits on the board of directors of this Los Angeles based company. This is one of the reasons she travels frequently to Los Angeles and has patients from Los Angeles.

5/1/11  Dr. Calvin Lee was selected to be a regional speaker for Allergan (the makers of Latisse, Botox, Juvederm).  He has given talks in Santa Rosa, and Fresno regarding Latisse.   He shares his experience of Latisse in Modesto.  New web page:  Modesto Latisse FAQ

3/20/11  The Second Annual Modesto Marathon doubles the finishing field compared to last year.

11/15/10  Dr. Calvin Lee was honored with another Patient's Choice award - a repeat of last year's award.

11/24/09  Dr. Calvin Lee of Surgical Artistry has been honored by his patients with the Patient's Choice Award.  Of the nations 720,000 active physicians, less then 5 % were accorded this honor by their patients in 2008.  The award is voted on by patients across the U.S. who provide online feedback about their experiences with their doctors and is tabulated by MDx Medical, Inc. throughout the year.

11/13/09  Surgical Artistry signs up to be the inaugural sponsor of the Modesto Marathon.  Currently called the Surgical Artistry Modesto Marathon which will take place on March 21, 2010.  There will be three races that day:  a marathon, a half marathon, and a 5K race.

11/7/09  We are mentioned in an article about the future of medical practice websites for this website (  The article appears in Healthcare Professionals Homepage, and has appeared in print form for many primary care and cardiologists in the USA.

11/5/09  We had our Third Open house featuring OBAGI Skin Care Products on 11/5/09 9am to 4pm featuring catering by Surla's Restaurant.  100 people came by for this event.  Thank you for your great support!

10/1/09  Lynne Joins our practice as Office Assistant

9/28/09  Mentor Corporation, the makers of Memory Gel Breast Implants asked Surgical Artistry to take part in a patient referral program

9/25/09  Allergan, the makers of Botox, asked Surgical Artistry to become part of it's Brilliant Distinctions program.  At the same time the Botox rep announced that she was leaving our territory.  We will miss her and we look forward to her replacement.

9/23/09  Allergan, the makers of Natrelle Breast Implants asked us to take part in its new consignment program

9/1/09  Dr. Lee is profiled in Strings Magazine as a Surgeon Violinist.  Strings magazine is a well known magazine in the US for stringed instruments.

Calvin Lee in Strings Magazine Sept 2009 issue

7/17/09  Dr. Lee plays with the Taiwan Civic Symphony Orchestra as guest concertmaster and soloist for the Shindler's List Theme (video).  At the Taipei National Concert Hall.

7/6/09  Dr. Lee and Dr. Wu journey to Asia for advanced studies in Acupuncture and for Dr. Lee to tour Asia playing violin soloes in three areas:  Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau.  More information at Dr. Calvin Lee's violin website.  Dr. Lee and Dr. Wu record a greeting video from Taipei to the office and patients.

4/15/09  Dr. Lee plays violin for the second time at Carnegie Hall.  This time with the YouTube Symphony under the direction of Michael Tilson Thomas after winning the YouTube Symphony Auditions with his YouTube Symphony Video

Dr. Lee in the background (holding violin) while Ashur Bet Sargis
reads an announcement to the conductor.

8/23/08  Dr. Lee plays violin at the Gallo Center for the first time in a show that features symphonic music, opera, ballet, folk and popular songs, with special guests Townsend Opera Players, Central West Ballet and Assyrian pop music stars Walter Aziz and Ashur Bet Sargis backed by a 22-piece band.  Aziz and Bet Sargis have a huge following in the Assyrian community, said Pierre Noghli, a drummer who helped coordinate the show (excerpted from the Modesto Bee)

8/21/08  Amy joins our practice as Medical Assistant.

8/20/08  Dr. Claudia Eppele, MD rotated with us to participate on cosmetic botox and acupuncture treatments.  She is a Family Practice Resident from Doctors Medical Center (DMC), Modesto.

7/21/08  Kristi joins our practice as Patient Care Liaison.

7/15/08  Jason Comfort (medical student form Touro University, rotating with us) and I (Dr. Calvin Lee) got a grand tour of Hill Chiropractic / Hill center for integrative medicine by Dr. Brent Hill, himself.  He was extremely kind and knowledgeable.  He showed us his office and the many different things that he offers which includes colonics, teeth whitening, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, antiaging treatments, and of course comprehensive chiropractic care.  Also on this day Surgical Artistry, Inc diversified it's financial accounts to Wells Fargo Bank (in addition to Washington Mutual Bank).

7/12/08 Fitness and Health event.  We participated and had a table at the fitness and health event located in the parking lot of Fitness together, Mr. Pickle, and Hill Chiropractic.  We met many new friends from Hill Chiropractic, Smoothie King, Fitness Together (FT Modesto), Alhambra water, Community Hospice, Dr. Roland Young's dental office (oral and maxillofacial surgery / Dental Implants), and TSM Insurance and financial services.

7/08/08 Doctors Medical Center Modesto (DMC-Modesto) wants to support a new plastic surgeon to come to Modesto.  The McHenry Medical Group is thinking about participating in the hiring, and perhaps so are we.  On a different part of town, Dr. Jim Hoyt with Sutter Gould / Memorial Hospital - they are thinking about hiring a new plastic surgeon as well.  Rumor has it that Turlock and Kaiser-Modesto want their own plastic surgeon as well.  If you're a plastic surgeon and you're reading this, give us a call 209-551-1888, and ask for either Dr. Calvin Lee or Dr. Tammy Wu; we would love to tell you more about our town, Modesto, CA.

6/6/08  Jacquie represented Surgical Artistry, Inc (Modesto Plastic Surgery) at the Mariachi Cobre concert at the Gallo Center for the Arts.  We had a little table and a drawing for free facials with our esthetician Annabeth.

5/20/08   Trade show!  We participated in a Modesto Chamber of Commerce showcase of booths at the SOS Club of Modesto.  We had a corner booth at the Chamber of Commerce Modesto, but had a great turn out.  Jacquie and Dr. Lee showed samples of the Natrelle Breast Implants made of silicone gel (gummy bear breast implants).  And we of course talked about lipo, breast implants, acupuncture, veins, face lifts, and much much more at the Modesto Chamber of Commerce.

4/25/08  Our 2 year anniversary party / open house on April 25, 2008 from 12p to 6p at our office.  Botox, SkinCeuticals, OBAGI, Sigvaris, Colorescience, Restylane/Perlane makers attended the event.

3/28/08  Lory and Dr. Lee represented Surgical Artistry, Inc at the 3 phantoms concert at the Gallo Center for the Arts.

3/3/08  Introducing at our Plastic Surgery office in Modesto: the skin care line:  SkinCeuticals

1/25/08  We now carry Line Tamer from Colorescience - Smoothing, Soothing Skin Brightener could be your new secret weapon against aging. This creamy primer color smoothes lines, shrinks pores and brightens skin. It even provides up to SPF 20 to protect the skin from sun damage. Works especially well on rosacea and on hands where aging is most noticeable.  Line Tamer is enriched with tea tree, lavender and tangerine extracts for soothing and antioxidants to protect from free radical damage.

1/20/08  We are now researching skin care product lines.  We already offer:  Obagi, Colorescience, NIA24, Prescribed solutions.  We are looking at possibly adding Skinceuticals, Vivite, MD Forte, Prevage, Proactive, Cynergy, Glymed, Reviva, and Skinceuticals.  Let us know your thoughts.

1/10/08  Dr. Calvin Lee is now formally accepting patients for facial rejuvenation acupuncture which reduces wrinkles, double chins, increases circulation to the head - thus slows down hair thinning and greying.

12/10/07  Lorena Redula joins us as our medical aesthetician.  Her husband is Dr. James Redula, famous Kaiser medical doctor - famous in that he is an excellent doctor, a graduate of the program that Dr. Lee and Dr. Wu are resident professors, and famous because he has been seen featured on pens, billboards, and sides of buses.

12/8/07  Music for Church Dr. Tammy Wu, Piano and Dr. Calvin Lee, Violin make an appearance as musical guests at the Seventh Day Adventist Chruch at 301 Claratina Ave, Modesto, CA.  They were invited by Dr. Joe Fluence (Anesthesiologist and Pain Specialist) and his wife Denise who are members of this church.

12/7/07  Surgical Artistry is the Presenting Sponsor of the Holiday Pops Concert with the Modesto Symphony Orchestra.  In fact there is a series called the Surgical Artistry Pops Series.  Steven Reineke guest conducted.  The orchestra was joined by the Modesto Chorus and Central West Ballet.  Featured were some dancers from Ballroom Bootcamp and Parache Dance Studio of Stockton.  Guest Artists included Christopher Johnstone and Colton Pometta, the winner of the Modesto Symphony Orchestra's Young Idol 2007 vocal competition winner.  Marie Gallo also made an amazing performance narrating on stage to her grandchildren.  Future concerts will include the 3 phantoms.  Other sponsors were Curtis and Arata, DoubleTree Hotel, Doctor's Medical Center.  Wells Fargo is going to help sponsor the next Surgical Artistry Pops Series concert:  the 3 phantoms.  See our logo modified into the Pops Series in the following Links:  3 phantoms, Mariachi Cobre, MSO, Surgical Artistry Pops Series, Videos of the finalists from the MSO young Idol, held at the Vintage Faire Mall

Musical Instrument dexterity translates into Surgical Technique mastery.

Dr. Wu and Dr. Lee practice their musical instruments to strengthen and train all the muscles of the upper extremity to become precision tools for surgery.  One of the most complex dexterity challenges to both musical instruments and surgical technique is the concept of a loose, flexible wrist. 

They believe in performing masterpieces on stage and in the operating room.  They also infuse elements of art into our work in the operating room.  Most surgeries are left brain oriented; however, aesthetic plastic surgery requires input from the artistic right brain.  They take pride in developing their left brains with dexterity exercises, and developing their right brains through participation in many art forms.

Download a mp3 clip of Dr. Lee playing the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto with the Brown University Orchestra

12/7/07 Dr. Calvin Lee plays piano at Stanislaus Medical Society party, held at Wycliff, Modesto.  Dr. Calvin Lee is usually known better for his violin playing, but he's actively working on furthering his surgical/dexterity skills and musical skills on the piano.  He and Dr. Tammy Wu had to cut the party short because they had a Modesto Symphony Orchestra concert that night to attend.  Links:  SMS

12/6/07 KHOP 95.1 Modesto Radio Pop Station and Dr. Tammy Wu, Plastic Sugery - Getting interviewed for Kanye West's Mom's tragedy with events surround plastic surgery.  Many questions from the radio audience.  The show took place in the morning on Thursday 12/6/07 from 7:30am to 9:00am on the Morning Paper show with Jack and Reagan.  We also had a chance to meet Madden, a DJ at KHOP.  Links:  KHOP, Jack Paper (DJ), Reagan Marks (DJ), Madden (DJ), People magazine article on Kanye West's Mother's Death

11/15/07 The latest and greatest Visia computerized skin analysis machine arrived through our front door.  The computer also does a virtual aging visualization.  For now, we offer it for free and the machine is in our lobby.  Call us for a free Visia analysis.  Links Visia by Canfield Imaging, Visia FAQ

11/8/07 Introducing Colorescience Mineral Sunblock Very Waterproof dry powder sunblock SPF 30, can give you a slight amount of tint (make you look more tanned), plus it has Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide.  It doesn't irritate senstive skin.  Highly rated by our customers.  The brush is a high quality hand made brush.  We also have refills for this product that will ultimately save on the cost of this high quality sunblock.  We also carry other products by Coloresceince.  LinksColoreScience

10/26/07-10/31/07 Plastic Surgery 2007 Conference - American Society of Plastic Surgeons Meeting (ASPS).  Attended by Dr. Tammy Wu and Dr. Calvin Lee.  The latest and greatest in Plastic Surgery was discussed at this meeting.  Some of the latest info discussed was that breast feeding does not lead to breast saggingLinksASPS

10/14/07 Dr. Calvin Lee plays piano in a masterclass by Jon Nakamatsu.  Jon Nakamatsu is a gold medalist of the Van Cliburn International Piano Competition.  LinksJon Nakamatsu

2/23/2007 and 2/24/07 4-7pm and 10-2pm was our first open house celebrating one year as Surgical Artistry.  A total of 235 people came to these two events.

9/29/06 Dr. Calvin Lee plays heavy metal music (Led Zeppelin, Ozzy Osbourne) as a duet at the Fat Cat with Rachel Barton Pine.  Picture below is from a rehearsal at the Fat Cat.  LinksRachel Barton Pine (world famous violinist), Modesto Symphony info on the concert, Modesto Bee Review

6/26/06 Dr. Calvin Lee given award as Outstanding Community Faculty Physician by the Stanislaus Family Practice Residence, affiliated with UC Davis and Doctors Medical Center of Modesto.  Links:  Blurry picture of the award/plaque (you have to scroll down on this web page)

2/24/06 The birth of Surgical Artistry Inc.  The mother company is Tzuying Tammy Wu, MD Inc, started by Dr. Tammy Wu, Modesto Plastic Surgeon.  Joined by Dr. Calvin Lee, Modesto General Surgeon 5/24/06.  Dr. Tammy Wu first started working in Modesto at Sutter Gould Medical Group, and Dr. Calvin Lee first started working in Modesto with the McHenry Medical Group  LinksPencil sketch of the floor plans of Surgical Artistry by Dr. Tammy Wu herself (the picture is located on this web page, you have to scroll down) this page also has logos that we went through before settling on the final ones, and there's a picture of the empty shell of a building at the time - now it's full of granite and walnut hardwood floors.  Our Color Scheme.

11/5/05 Dr. Tammy Wu and Dr. Calvin Lee purchase a Steinway Piano for their home.  They decide to start relearning the piano.  LinksSherman Clay Piano - Authorized dealers for Steinway.  The piano below is the actual piano that they have in their home.


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  • 12/7/07 as an exercise in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  I created lists of search terms (key words) related to Modesto, Plastic Surgery, and Breast Augmentation.  The purpose of these web pages?  This may help others interested in SEO topics, and these lists would help myself when I later optimize our pages for these search terms.  SEO is an ongoing process and in the world of cosmetics and aesthetics, the competition for great placement, especially in google and yahoo is exciting.  Domain names for Manteca.
  • 12/9/07 in the same vein as the above SEO exercise, I've added Turlock, San Ramon, Danville, Tummy Tuck, Face Lift, Modesto Spa

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