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Plastic Surgery Modesto Collection of Downloadable Computer Programs and websites

Computer programs are supposed to make our lives easier.  In our Plastic Surgery office in Modesto, we have discovered a few shareware programs that help us do what we do.  We spent many months researching these programs.  We hope these will save you some research time, and drop us a note (use the ask dr wu box below) if you like them or use them in your medical office.  All these programs are free that we know of.  We offer these links to you to help you save time, especially if you are setting up an office similar to ours.  Here's a picture of our plastic surgery/Surgical Artistry team.  These programs would be useful for any medical office.  Best of luck.

  • Picsaver - Every need a substitute to the windows my picture viewer screensaver/slideshow?  This is a great answer.  We like this one in the office because there is a way to keep the pictures in order.  In otherwords, they don't all have a random setting, like the other programs from google.  PIC Saver has all of the features of the My Pictures Slideshow and much more. This free download will handle enormous picture collections (at least 68,000 photos), can display details about the photo (size, date, etc) and has numerous ways to sequence your picture collection. This man has turned his frustrations with the Windows slideshow into a benefit for everyone!  We are considering using this in our lobby to show off some of the services that we offer.

  • Google Photos Screensaver - Breathtaking and spectacular effects. The free Google Photos Screensaver is a slick little slideshow. The "Pan and Zoom" mode makes your still pictures come to life. The "Collage" mode artfully shows several photos on the screen at once. Configuration options are more limited than the My Pictures Screensaver, though you can add multiple folders and even Internet photo feeds.

  • Tiff Tools including Tiff Splitter which turns multi-page tiff files (such as computerized faxes) and splits them into separate files if needed.  Or if you accidently scanned a tiff file in as a multipage tiff, and need to split it.  This is useful in our office if we get a fax where some of the materials are for one person and the other is for someone else.  This way we can email it to the correct medical office personnel.  Here's a link to pdf splitter if your office uses pdf's instead of tiffs.

  • Iopus secure email attachments from the Iopus company - We know how HIPAA is so important these days.  Secure email is the answer.  This is a free program that does the trick.  This way your email attachments are secure.  We use this to transmit certain billing information across the internet to our out-sourced billing department.  You have to pick a password to make this work.  The longer and the more complex the password, the more secure the e-mail attachment.  The last time I checked (October 2009).  I couldn't find this program on the internet.  It may have moved to a different location.

  • We use a program to type common phrases into our EMR.  There are so many out there.  I'm not sure the one we use is "the best."

  • Microsoft docx viewer - opens up those .docx files for viewing.  You can't edit them.  This is the 2007 version of Microsoft word.  Read the directions carefully on this webpage, you will also need to download the 2007 compatibility package.

  • 2007 compatibility package from Microsoft for Microsoft Office - download this if you already have a previous version of Microsoft Word.  This option is probably what you need to open up those newer .docx files.

  • conversion website, as good as any conversion software.  Converts pictures, videos, music, e-books.

  • on a slightly different note, this program resides on the web and hosts picture which you can display on your own website in cubes or various shapes.  Requires flash, and insertion of html.  I haven't actually tried this program yet.

  • Free internet faxing.  Can type into a text box or attach one .doc, .docx, or .pdf file.  Limits to 2 free faxes per day (each with 3 page maximum) - this info as of 6/27/2009.  You have to enter your email address and confirm the email address before the fax is sent.

  • Restore Missing Toolbars, Menubars and Address Bar from internet explorer or windows explorer if using XP as an operating system.  This came in handy after some of the spyware/viruses attacked one of my computers at our medical office.  It will ask you to install a program.  I have virus checked it, but as the usual disclaimer, use at your own risk.

  • Computer - Internet - Radio Stations.  Consider trying

    • Smooth Jazz
      KHJZ-FM (Smooth Jazz / 32k mono) - try this link - to start music
      Language: English
      Location: Houston, USA - Texas
      95.7 The Wave - Smooth Jazz

  • Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware

  • Encrypt PDF for Windows (PDF re-Direct) or Mac




Hardware Upgrades:


  • - I recently used this internet company to upgrade the memory on my office SBS 2003 server residing on my Dell PowerEdge 1800 from 2 gigs to 4 gigs.  I bought two 2 gig modules from them.  They have great tech support and they sell other memory related devices for computers.  I have been very happy with their services, speed of shipment, and pricing.  They were also easy to reach on the phone for computer memory questions.  On a telephone conversation I've had with their tech support, they recommended CPU-Z to find out what's inside my computer.  I haven't tried this software yet, but hope to pretty soon.






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