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Aftercare instructions for Vein Procedures

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  • The most common side-effect is discomfort  along the course of the saphenous vein that was lasered, removed, or injected.  Typically this is minimal the first 2-3 days, and some people do not experience any discomfort.  Other describe sensations such as aching, burning, pulling, or tightening.  The discomfort is most noticeable about a week later, and then gradually recedes.  The cause of these sensations is inflammation around the vein and the progressive shriking of the vein.  You may also feel firmness and soreness along the course of the vein.  The discomfort is almost always gone within two weeks, but some individuals will notice it for a while longer.  Aleve is the best medication to treat inflammation.   Vicodin or Darvocet would be a last resort for pain.  Some people report that ice helps (once or twice a day for 5-10 minutes.)  Avoid heat.  Consider trying arnica for the pain as well.

  • Another common observation is bruising along the course of the vein.  This will recede rapidly and should mostly be gone in two to three weeks.  Many patients find that Arnica accelerates the resolutions of the bruising

  • Medical support stockings both problems of discomfort and bruising.  And for best results, they should be worn after the procedure for two days (day and night, 48 hours), then for one week afterwards during the day (for a total of 9 days).  The compression in support stockings may provide relief, particularly if youíre on your feet a lot.  After the 9 days of wearing compression, I would advise wearing the stockings about once or twice a week for reduction of further problems of varicose/spider veins.   For laser vein closure, you will have ace wraps on for the first two days, then switch to medical compression stockings.

  • You can return to most activities immediately after the procedure.  Walking and swimming are encouraged.  It is best to avoid truly vigorous activity (long runs, exercising at the gym, biking, basketball) for about 9 days.  Donít lift heavy weights for about 9 days.

  • When you shower, there may be steristrips on some of the incisions.  If this is the case, leave the steristrips on and allow them to fall off on their own.  If they are still stuck on after 7-10 days, you may manually remove them or come to the office to have us assist you.

  • A rare side effect may be an area of numbness after vein removal.  This means a small nerve was injured.  Unfortunately, I have no ability to prevent or control this.  Usually, the nerve function will return, but on occasion the numbness will persist.

  • Make an appointment with us for a post procedure check up in 3-7 days.

  • Do not hesitate to call us (209) 551-1888  if you have any questions.


Calvin Lee, MD
Board Certified General Surgeon

Tammy Wu, MD
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
Chief Medical Director of Surgical Artistry, Inc.

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